Forgotten Treasures.

Spring cleaning. The concept either fills you with dread or with a sense of excitement over making way for more space. Or if you're like me, rediscovering new items I’d neglected over the winter months. With spring just around the corner, I thought now was the perfect time to get rid of some unwanted clutter and give some forgotten treasures a new lease of life.

I couldn't believe I’d had these beautiful brogues in the dark for so long! They’re the perfect companion for a floral dress or, like pictured, with ankle length skinny jeans and a shirt (I paired mine with a button down blue denim number and tan satchel). 

Sifting through an old jewellery box, I also found a choker-length necklace made with black cord and silver squared beads that spelt out my name, no doubt a keeper from my early years in the 90s that I’m determined to find some quirky use for!

What's the best 'find' you've ever rediscovered whilst spring cleaning?


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