What's On My Face: 21.05.2014

My makeup routine has undergone a slight transformation recently. After running out of my usual MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10, I decided to opt for something a little different. So, earlier in the year I picked up Bobbi Brown’s skin foundation spf 15 in Porcelain, which is the perfect shade for my very pale skin. When I’m not going for all over coverage, I use Benefit’s Hello Flawless in Ivory, which is lightweight and can be used for buildable coverage and is perfect for the upcoming Summer months. 

I’ve always been a fan of the matte look, so foundation that’s shiny and starting to run from the heat is a definite no-no for me! I’ve only worn this twice since I got it, but I’m already won over. With both an applicator brush for lightweight coverage and a sponge for target spotting problem areas, you’ve got different options for how you wear it. The packaging’s cute too, like only Benefit would be!

Maybelline Baby Skin. I’ve seen this mentioned quite a lot recently so it’s been on my ‘to try’ list for quite some time. I have to say, this was an impulse buy at the Boots cashier till as I was running low on my usual PoreFessional from my Benefit kit I’d bought just before Christmas, but I’m glad it was! It’s got a lovely silky smooth texture that fills in pores and makes my foundation blend like a dream, so it’s definitely worth the money (and at £9, you can’t go wrong!)

L’Oreal True Match in Vanilla. This concealer is perfect for covering up a multitude of sins – in my case, it’s always under my eyes that need to most attention! It’s great for using alone under powder on just your problem areas too, as it’s quite thick in consistency and gives good coverage. I find it always lasts well, especially when teamed with Stay Don’t Stray from Benefit.

Benefit Brow-zings in Dark. Having naturally light blonde hair means that, despite dying it dark red, my eyebrows don't quite match! Not only that, years of plucking and trying to get them into shape means they've been left a bit sparse, so this little tool kit is a lifesaver. This is my second pallette, and both times I've gone for their dark shade as it's a little more dramatic and bodes well with the vintage style I go for, although you can vary how bold you want them as it comes with both an applicator wax and powder. If I'm after a slightly more natural look, I'll simply use the powder alone. Or, for a more striking look, I'll use both. It also comes with two brushes, one slanted for the wax and one to apply the powder. Once I've applied them, they stay in place all day with no hint of sliding/fading.

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette shades: Bootycall, Chopper and Snakebite. I don't think this palette really needs any introduction, so lets just say it's something I've been using pretty much everyday since I got it (about a year ago now - it's lasted that long!) For someone who loves a smokey eye, there really isn't anything else I'd use. The pigments are strong, long lasting and the combination of 12 colours is all I need. True, its a little pricey, but well worth the £32 I paid for it!

Rimmel Exagerrate liquid eyeliner. I've always loved the pin up and vintage glamour look, and one must have to complete the look is black winged eyeliner. This is a staple I've been using since I was 14 and it hasn't let me down since. It's long lasting, the easiest liquid eyeliner I've used (I really don't like pen eyeliners - this ones flexible and makes application so much easier... in my opinion!) and super cheap too!

Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt mascara in black. One thing I'm forever on the look out for is the perfect mascara. To some people, it's jeans. I've never really found one that's really won me over, but this comes pretty close. With loads of mini nibs to catch those stray eyelashes, it's a good dupe of Benefit's 'They're Real.' The black pigment is strong too, a definite winner on Rimmel's part!

Bourjois Little Round Pot in 'Rose Ambre.' Having such pale skin means I usually opt for a blush that's not too heavy or bright, and this little pot is perfect. Rose Ambre suits my skin and gives me just enough to colour to avoid looking like I'm hideously ill or have stepped straight out the morgue. Being a cream blush means application is easy and gives me an all natural looking flush (instead of looking like a backup singer from the 80s!) 

If I'm headed out somewhere particular special, Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl is always perfect for adding a little something extra to my usual look. I apply it above my cheekbones as a highlighter or along my brow bone for a more dramatic and iridescent smokey eye.

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  1. I like your make up look , simple yet elegant :)

    G x


  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your hair is beautiful, and I love the color. Gorgeous!!!
    I would also like to invite you to enter my Victoria's Secret Noir Perfume Giveaway http://www.splashkouture.com/2014/05/victorias-secret-noir-tease-giveaway.html

    xo, Crystal

    1. Awwh, thank you! I'll be sure to take a look! :) x