A tourist in her own hometown.

I’ve lived in Dorset for my entire twenty-one years and, although we southerners know how nice our city is, I’ve never really appreciated it until this week when my boyfriend and I house sat for my aunt. Living together for a week bought up a wealth of those all important questions; where do we go tonight? What should we do? Where should we eat? Suddenly, we were left scouring our brains for the best places to go.

On Monday, we took a trip to South Coast Roast, situated in Bournemouth town centre’s Richmond Hill. The place itself is a mixture of rustic and industrial decor, with a pretty good playlist thrown in (there’s even a pop up music boutique for good measure!) 

Kieran and I both opted for this grilled and stacked chicken and pesto salad sandwich as it looked amazing. It’s safe to say we weren’t disappointed; the flavours just worked perefectly together, even if it was a bit tricky to eat (messy eaters beware, this could put even you to shame!)

Tuesday we ventured to our usual stop at Framptons for tea and pancakes, before stopping off at our local Sainsburys to pick up some ingredients for a sweet potato and mackerel evening dinner… an offhand creation Kieran came up with that worked beautifully (recipe will be up soon!) 

Wednesday saw us up bright and early as I dragged him into my university to finish my final assignment of second year… an article entirely about craft and its recent revival as such. By 3pm, it was submitted with a celebratory dance down the corridor as I bid farewell to the premises until September. Kieran treated me to a meal at Urban Reef in Boscombe Pier, where I had grilled chicken breast, stuffed gnocchi, duck egg and asparagus. Definitely one I’ll be attempting to replicate at home! Thursday was a rarity in that we actually had a ‘lazy day in’ – even though that included an overnight visit to Kieran’s parents in West Moors (and a lovely homemade chicken and couscous salad).

Friday morning saw us back for a second visit to Framptons (even our friends groan when we mention we’ve been here – it’s a like a second home!) This time, we opted for granola and berries… shock horror. 

I spotted this beautiful floral china mug in a nearby charity store and had to buy it – it’ll be perfect for all my little trinkets and a few makeup bits to pretty up my dressing table.

As I was working both Saturday and Sunday, it was nice to come home and relax. However, we took advantage of our last day of housesitting by visiting The Dancing Moose in Ashley Cross, Poole. I chose the chicken and avocado club sandwich – which was so massive I couldn’t finish it! Regardless, it was great and we’re planning a trip back soon after spotting three stack American pancakes on their breakfast menu! Kieran then drove us down to Bournemouth beach, where the sun was just setting for the evening – a beautiful end to a lovely week!

We then headed home and back to the reality of tidying up the place for my aunt’s arrival home on Monday afternoon. We ended up snuggling up to watch Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (what else?) with tea and what Kieran calls ‘dippy biscuits’ – or, as they’re more commonly known, plain digestives! I wonder if it’ll catch on…

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!


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