Highcliffe Castle / OOTD: 25.09.2014

Hat: H&M | Top: TopShop | Jeans: TopShop | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: Primark
One of the best things about living in Dorset is how there always seems to be somewhere new to discover. Despite only living about 30 minutes away, I’d never been to Highcliffe before, so my family and I took a short trip to explore the beach and beautiful castle.

The castle, home to Mr. Selfridge from 1916 to 1922, was initially constructed in 1831 by Charles Stuart. After a fire in 1967, work has been done to restore the castle to its former glory and is once again open for public viewing and can be used for weddings and other private events. 

Walking around, it was really interesting to see the original brickwork in places and to imagine what it must have been like to live somewhere like this (I can take a guess… very nice!)

We then took a visit Highcliffe beach, which the castle overlooks. On a day like today the grounds looked absolutely beautiful. You wouldn’t think it’s nearly October! 

Love Lottie x


The Birthday Edit: Turning 22 / Visit to Camden Bar and Kitchen, 10.09.2014

For my twenty second birthday, Kieran and I decided to venture into Poole to try Camden Bar and Kitchen after spotting it after a recent visit to Ashley Cross for lunch (we saw pancakes, so we were sold!)

This was, of course, after huddling around my lounge table to open presents that was adorned with flowers (lillies and roses, my favourite!) and this lovely vintage ceramic flower draw that Kieran bought me as an early birthday gift from Arcade Flowers in Ringwood (and beautiful handmade card!) Kieran's parents also bought me The Kinfolk Table, which I've wanted for so long and can't wait to sift through to start making mental notes for new recipes! (And yes, those are Nakd bars... a 'cake' substitute for the healthier inclined!)

New Zara overcoat from Kieran - I'm in love!

We set off for Camden Bar and Kitchen at 10am, and the place itself straight away gave off a very welcoming and cosy vibe, with quirky d├ęcor such as bicycles and street regalia covering the walls, and artwork ranging from Morrissey to Jim Morrison portraits (I approve)

Kieran immediately fell in love with these sofas and I this mirror, but we typically headed over to the high stalls that overlook the high street with open windows (we’re self-confessed people watchers!)

I ordered a pot of soya tea, whilst Kieran opted for his usual double espresso. We were both tempted by the berry pancakes which came with berry compote, maple syrup and cinnamon butter… although mine came with an extra special addition!

Birthday pancakes!
They tasted amazing, and the mixture of tart berries with sweet maple syrup and cinnamon butter worked perfectly as a combination, a real Autumn warmer that I’ll be heading back for again no doubt!

We then headed off to Southampton for a spot of retail therapy (okay, window shopping is more accurate!) before our meal at Isabel’s restaurant in Ashley Cross in the evening. I had such a lovely birthday and really couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day; wonderful company, beautiful gifts and good food – perfect!

Lottie x


August Favourites

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe how fast August went  – although I’m not complaining, September has to be my favourite month by far (even if I am a liiiittle biased, it’s my birthday on the 10th!) The weather is always just right – not too warm, not too cold; the perfect time to reintroduce the unforgotten concept of layering back into my life. Did someone say Aran knit?

I’ve had quite a few new beauty favourites this month, which I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed as my budget has seen better days at present to say the least! First up is Maybelline’s Matte Powder, which was a bargain at £3.99. This little number is perfect for applying over any foundation to make it, well, matte! The coverage is quite sheer, meaning you won’t get much colour out of this, which is good for staying true to the shade of your foundation. I’ve been wearing this over foundation or alone with a touch of concealer too for a more natural look, without the shine!

Next up is Ro's Argan Body Conditioner by Lush. I admit, I’m somewhat of a Lush junkie. I’ve yet to find a fault with anything I’ve bought and knowing that all their products are ethically sourced and free from animal products means they can do no wrong. I was gifted this conditioner from my cousin and was eager to try it, as I confess that I’ve been slacking on the whole body moisturiser front, so this was perfect timing really. This stuff smells amazing, which is not surprising with its mixture of argan oil, (a big thing lately) almond oil and shea butter. After washing it off (which, I definitely didn’t forget to do the first time I tried it… not at all) my skin was left feeling hydrated and silky smooth.

I don’t really know if I can consider this ‘new’ as this has been an all-time favourite of mine for aaages now but, seeing as its new packaging I thought why not? I picked up Lush’s Gorilla perfume in Vanillary (I’m not sure this really needs an intro seeing as its pretty much a Lush classic now!) for £28, a little more expensive than their older black perfume containers but definitely worth it for the little extra you get this time round. I’m a little undecided on the packaging if I’m honest, as I do like their blocky/minimalist packaging but hey, it still smells divine and that’s all that matters!

I also recently picked up Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid by No. 7, a brand I don’t usually opt for when trying out drugstore purchases. But I’m glad I did! This adds a lovely shimmer (that’s thankfully not too overpowering) that I add along my cheekbones for a subtle contour. I preferred to wear this alone or over powder rather than liquid foundation – it really gives a natural daytime look a little something extra.

Recently, I’ve been reincorporating liquid foundation back into my life after such a hot summer that saw me stick to minimalistic powder bases. Now my face is no longer at risk of melting (a lovely image, I’m sure) I’ve been using L’oreal Infallable 24H foundation in shade Porcelain to give me back a little more coverage. It’s rare I find a shade that suits my pale skin so well like this and a little goes a long way, which I usually apply with my RealTechniques buffer brush to distribute evenly. I really like the staying power of this, which doesn’t go cakey after a few hours like some foundations I’ve worn. For a drugstore foundation, this is definitely worth the £7.99 I paid for it!

I spend a little too much time browsing around TopShop and, as a general fan of their lipsticks, I spotted this sheer lipstick in shade Chuck, which seemed like the perfect combination of red and berry tones; perfect for the upcoming Autumn months! I really love the texture of this, as the pigment is strong, yet the lipstick itself isn’t heavy – making it a great go to for a day to night look. This will be a handbag staple and at £8 this made a lovely inexpensive addition to my ever growing collection!