A Birthday Weekend in Cornwall | Exploring Falmouth

To celebrate turning twenty-four (which still hasn’t quite sunk in yet), Kieran and I decided to take a road trip to Cornwall. After wanting to visit for quite some time, I saw this as the perfect excuse to go on a mini adventure and take in some of the stunning sights that this beautiful county has to offer. I was also keen to try out Airbnb after friends of mine raved about how great their experience was. 

We ended up staying in an amazing apartment just inside of Wadebridge, meaning we had the option to travel on to our planned stops, which included Constantine Beach on the west coast, Falmouth in the south and then the Eden Project to the east, without being stuck in one specific area. We arrived at our spacious, modern apartment at about 7pm on the Friday, which I felt at home in straight away. With tea and milk already stocked in the fridge, I could make myself an all important cuppa after our four hour journey - bonus points from me!

On Saturday, we drove about an hour south towards Falmouth to pay a visit to Potager Garden and Cafe, which I’d spotted on Pinterest (naturally) the night before. This glorious place caught my eye straight away; what’s not to love about a wonderful vegetarian cafe inside a botanical greenhouse with succulents hiding in every corner? It’s safe to say that my camera was working overtime. I also made friends with a very friendly residential kitty who followed us as we explored the beautiful grounds!

Kieran opted for toast and marmite, followed by chocolate cake and a double espresso, whereas I went all out with a delicious full veggie breakfast. Well, I did need something to set me up for our day ahead of exploring Falmouth!

We then headed over to the town centre, which was a colourful mishmash of quirky vintage stores, familiar contemporary favourites and a lots of pubs, cafes and restaurants. I wanted to try them all! After taking in the beautiful waterfront, we found ourselves in an old Brewery Yard, which included Toro, a plant store I’d seen on my Pinterest travels not too long ago.

Naturally I was curious to discover what plant delights awaited me in this beautifully simplistic shop. Whilst small, it certainly made an impact, with its greenery doing the talking. Kieran kindly picked me up a natural coloured macrame hanging to bring some life to my working desk at home as an extra birthday gift. He knows me well! 

We got talking to it’s lovely shop owner, who was more than happy to give us some pointers for caring for our own plants back home, as well as share our appreciation for natural skincare products, like the one’s she had on sale from Honest amongst her shelves. 

We then had a brief browse around Folklore next door, who’s minimalist jewellery, homeware and clothing were beautiful. Since moving back in with Kieran’s parents and having to majorly downsize to fit a flats worth of belongings into one bedroom recently, I’ve become more aware of purchasing goods that are simple, effective and long-lasting, so Folklore definitely took my interest. After exploring every possible nook and cranny of this wonderful town, we stopped at HAND, a beer bar located within the Brewery Yard, for a drink to go over the days events. I went for a traditional pear cider, with Kieran opting for his usual pale ale. With the beautiful weather, good company and prospect of yet another days adventures awaiting us, I was perfectly content.

Our final stop was at Pandora Inn for dinner, which was recommended by our Airbnb host, Paul. The location was the perfect place to take in some Cornish scenery, with Kieran even making a new friend during our visit. We watched the day start to draw to a close as we savoured the last of the sun on the jetty and excitedly made plans for tomorrow.

I’ll be following on this post with day two of our Cornwall trip shortly, so be sure to check back soon. I can’t wait to tell you all about our trip to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, The Eden Project and grabbing an early breakfast on Constantine Beach!


What I'm Looking Forward to This Autumn

September is upon us, meaning summer is drawing to a close, the days are getting darker earlier and the holidays are well and truly over. However, whilst this all sounds like doom and gloom, it can only mean one thing: autumn is on it's way. This is fine by me, seeing as this season is definitely my favourite... and the fact that it's my birthday this month certainly helps swing it even further in it's favour! Here's a few more reasons why I'm looking forward to autumn.

All the knitwear

My knitwear collection has been sat ready and waiting for me and I'm convinced that, the moment the temperature starts to drop, I'll be retrieving every piece and making the most of it. And adding to it, of course!

Chai tea lattes become more socially acceptable
Not that I worry too much about this as I'll happily drink these whatever the weather, but there's just something about cinnamon and chai spice that screams autumn.

Wearing black without feeling like a solar panel
As someone who's wardrobe comprises mostly of monochrome pieces (with most belonging in the darker end of the colour spectrum), summer is not exactly the most enjoyable month. Autumn means that I can unleash my inner Morticia Addams without having to seek shade every time I venture outside. Not that she would disapprove if I did...

Lighting house fires for super cosy evenings in
As the days start to get colder, there's nothing quite like coming home to a house and starting up a roaring fire to keep you warm. To me, it's not quite autumn until the house smells of burning wood and lavender.

Taking walks in the forest
Whilst taking walks in the forest in the summer is glorious, seeing the forest transform into a vast expanse of crisp, orange and brown leaves after a lush summer of green is a beautiful experience. Not only that, but it's a great time to forage for pieces to make some lovely autumn and halloween crafts, like my Halloween garland (which you can view and make here). Which naturally leads to...

Not only is autumn my favourite season, but it also includes my favourite holiday! I have no shame in admitting that I've been throwing costume ideas around for months. Kieran and I didn't really get to enjoy it last year, as we were in Stockholm for the week, so I'm hoping to make up for it this time around!

Seasonal flowers
As the season changes, it's a good excuse to get creative and dream up some stunning new floral arrangements for the house. Popular flowers blooming in autumn are red amaranthus, lilies, roses, baby's breath and lots of other fragrant lovelies. I've been spending far too long on Pinterest (if there's such a thing) creating my own autumn flower board for inspiration!

What are you looking forward to this autumn?